Monday, April 26, 2010

Geneiveve Vierling

Intuitive, Flower Essence Practitioner When combined with intuition, Astrology is a wonderful guidance system for understanding yourself, others, and all the cycles of your life. Flower Essences bring powerful support when youre ready to creatively change into a more positive way of being. 530-272-5778,

Rev Joe Sloan and Rev Jerry Farrell, Unity in the Gold Country

Unity is a spiritual path based on the teaching of Jesus the Christ acknowledging our inseparability from Spirit within and our ability to come into conscious Oneness with God. Join us for our Sunday celebration at 10:30 am. 180 Cambridge Ct. Grass Valley, 530-274-2463

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Michelle Walters and Dr. Gene Putnam

Michelle Walters and Dr. Gene Putnam, quantum healing services including the new zero point field products from Amega. They desire to advance and inspire the awakening and expansion of human consciousness through complimentary avenues of healing. 123 Nevada St. #F, Nevada City, CA 530-713-1742

Susan Schimmel

Classical Homeopathy successfully reverses disease processes by restoring immune function. Offering acute and chronic care through constitutional strengthening. In Grass Valley,  530-271-2207,